Tender Love & Cakes - God never closes one door without opening another one.
About Us
Team Biographies
April is our Cake Artist and Owner. She is a Certified Culinarian , and Pastry Chef at 1618 Seafood in Greensboro, NC. April started watching her mom make cakes at a very young age. She had no interest in the art form until many years later. However, April does credit her mother for a strong foundation in what she taught her, for all the support she and her father gave over the years and thanks them for being her biggest fans as well as her tasting Guinea pigs.
Sergio is our delivery and go to person, as well as the Co-owner.
We are a small ,local business located in Pleasant Garden NC, just on the outskirts of Greensboro. We started our business in efforts to build something we could give to our daughter. Please join us on our journey.
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